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Shot Show 2018 Shooting Range Industries

There's one week a year where all gun enthusiasts will literally lose their minds to attend and spend an obscene amount of well spent money, talent and time to set up a business booth in an overcrowded convention center with almost five whole different floors. Maybe even more. If you know any smart ones or have been in the industry, you tend to shy away from the large crowds, at least without hand sanitizer readily available. 

This week is called Shot Show. It's a Gun Convention that literally has everything on the lists from pee wee pistols, rifles, long range set  ups, full automatics, off road vehicles, motorcycles, rappelling items, and more! It has anything involved with Law Enforcement, any three letter agency to include Border Patrol, of course SWAT teams, Military, the gun builders, gunsmiths, and enthusiasts "media". The enthusiasts will be super excited about everything as do most people, since it is a great chance for them to enhance marketing and show off their company to a lot of new eyes. Get a lot of great new content for the websites and more. Make new business relationships and those personal meetings built there will grow for years.

This year, I worked and sold Gun Ranges, Ready Ranges, and Modular Ranges from a company called Shooting Range Industries. They are a local company based out of Las Vegas, Nevada. Set up for customers to take advantage of, was the MILO Range Training System. The one available for people to shoot at the convention was only the laser training system with the SIRT pistols.

We did also have scheduled rides to our Live Range Firing Ranges we had set up for media and future customers to experience the Live Fire ability with the training systems set up inside the Ready Ranges. Clients could also experience how realistic over 700 of the training scenarios are!

These ranges will go for a base price of $140,000 and up, but make no mistake, they're well prepped. The ranges come fully equipped with sound proofing, HVAC, filtered air pushing the lead exposure away from the shooter, and can even come with a gun locker for storage. There's many options available to the Ready Range if you choose to purchase a private range or a Military Modular Range for training and qualifications.

The ranges not only have the MILO training system inside (if you choose), but they do also have the standard target retrieval systems. You can shoot your regular paper targets if you choose.

On the MILO system, something new they integrated in time for Shot Show, was the new Thermal System. No, not the infared you can use for hunting. This thermal system is tied with the new target that the projector will fire its lights upon when the scenarios start up. This target is a self healing rubber material that allows the target to take up to 300,000 shots of Live Fire in comparison to the original paper targets for the training system. The paper targets only allowed 11,070 per roll of paper. That breaks down to about 410 shots per each sheet you prepped for the training system background with about 27 sheets per roll. If set up properly of course, and shooter dependent as well.

Jacqueline Carrizosa training on Milo with the SIRT pistol

Training on MILO with the SIRT Glock 17 pistol here.

Photo by Steve Gaspar

( @Sendit223 instagram)

During Shot Show, Taran Tactical also came by and left us with a display of the guns used in the movies for Fate of the Furious and John Wick. This was a popular attraction for people walking by and people who knew about the setup in advance from social media.

Shane Coley captain of the Glock shooting team . 

Jonny Bernthal from the Punisher. 

John Wick and Fate of the Furious guns used in the movies. (See Taran Tactical for full list of guns and how to get one just like it)

Learn more about and customize your own Ready Range and/or Modular Ranges available from Shooting Ranges Industries.

Call them at 702-362-3623 and tell them Jacqueline sent you over.

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