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Dodge Ram 1500 Makeover Update 1

This year with my truck being a little plain Jane for a while, I decided it's time for a new style.

Well, that's not how it actually got this huge make over rolling. It sprung from visiting SEMA 2017 with my good friend Ingram who wraps vehicles for a living. He introduced me to a few of his "wrapper" friends and we got our little hamsters running on our spinning wheels.

With one of my bull designs, you've probably seen me use before in youtube, instagram or more different style of videos... we went with that as a spring off for the design for my 2015 Dodge Ram 1500 Truck Wrap. Ingram's company is called Diamond Bar AZ, and he's a part of a crew of "wrappers" called the MOB mafia. MOB doesn't stand for what I thought too either at first... It stands for Masters of Branding.

With everything off to a great start I started letting them do the vector files for the truck wrap and I went and started working on the other parts of the truck. I couldn't let it go to a photo shoot with a wrap completely stock. Sooo... as you see the truck unfold you'll see some of the great partnerships i'm beginning to develop with these companies!

I've started to also make individual videos for each truck part as we go through the build. We decided to all dub it as the "Brofessional Installs".

Some of the ones we have already started are below:

The first one being with the 4" Lift provided by CST Performance Suspension and FOX 2.0 Performance Shocks:

This video shows the install while luckily I get to use the truck lift inside 4 The Truck garage in Henderson, Nevada.

Without the lift i'm sure a lot of this build would be a tad be tighter and harder to get the great camera angles to show you guys.

While it's definitely been interesting being in front and behind the camera as well, I've been also trying to master the editing end of it as well. So I will take constructive criticism where y'all see fit, but no nasty commentary.

The next video I have for you guys involves a replacement exhaust from the OEM to the Flowmaster Outlaw Series including their aggressive muffler. The whole system is a stainless steel beauty and I picked the black ceramic coated stainless steel tips to make it look as great as it sounds. As Coco Channel says, I'll wear black until they invent a darker color.

This Flowmaster Outlaw series install is featured here in this video also at the 4 The Truck Garage:

This install, though it looks fast on this video, still didn't take us that long. Maybe two to three hours tops to make sure that I also had video content along with us doing the install correctly. So it probably took longer than it should have mostly because I needed to work the camera as well. Not featured in the video, because I misplaced the video somewhere, but we did MIG weld where the connections are to help stop it from moving while I thrash my truck around out in the desert. I do that on my own, I signed my own waiver on that part. If you're not an aggressive driver like me, Flowmaster does have a lifetime warranty backing on their product which makes everyone feel safe and sleep quieter at night.

I also got to replace my OEM oil filter during my oil change with the K&N Filters inside the Rockstar Performance Garage when I was down in California. Thanks to all the hospitality with Nic letting me use his tools and his space. With all of my driving, i'll be installing a few of those for you guys to notice plenty of times.

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