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Roadtrip through to Boise, Idaho

Our road trip to Idaho, summed up in under 10 minutes.

Thanks to everyone who made it possible for us to head up and bring our dirt bikes.

Morgan Tanke is an accomplished female trials rider, who is now a factory rider for Beta USA and races multiple disciplines of off road motocross. She joined in on the adventure to go do some R&D on Stingerworx new suppressor and muzzle brake a few hundred miles away in Boise, Idaho.

Along with the caravan to play came the GunCo, Sniper Dynamics, Monkey from MilSpec Monkey, and we got to hang out and experience the hospitality of PCI Race Radios personally.

We had a few locations to hit heading up towards Boise.

Stopped in

Hollister Hills - Rode Trails and Single track

San Jose - Gracious dinner provided by a farm to table restaurant called the GrandView. Please check out their place, gorgeous view and amazing food. Everything is made there down to the herbs, even the pasta. Stopped by the RockTape head quarters. We did a little pull up fun there and obtained some Rock Sauce, which is the when you’re a rider or an athlete with muscle soreness or previous injuries that have problematic areas. For example, my back and my knees utilize to maximize my athletic time and prevent on site soreness as much as possible.

Boise, Idaho - R&D Stingerworx Suppressors and muzzle brakes on various rifles to include some of the GunCo Rifles. We shot both full automatics and long range precision with Sniper Dynamics equipment to be able to spot the hits. I will have more in detail reviews over the muzzle brake and the suppressor in an article with Guns & Tactics magazine. Stay tuned. Not featured in the video, we actually had one of the guys break his truck’s upper control arm while we were out prepping to go shooting. That led to a late night weld and grind, to come back and rescue his built up Toyota on to the gooseneck trailer. What doesn’t kill the truck makes it stronger right? Well, at least that weld will probably be stronger !

Caldwell, Idaho - Spent time with PCI Race Radios, hunted whistle pigs ! Gracious hospitality, so grateful for such good friends! Lucky us, we got to view the Kamo family private track they have on their property.

Beaver, Utah - City walk around…

St George, Utah- Rode dirt bikes, trails, sand washes and went fishing. Uneventful on our fishing hole… They just weren’t hungry. We saw a huge trout, I even put the bait right in front of his face after I walked up to behind the brush he was by… absolutely just slapped me in the face. Dang fish just turned right around after checking the bait out.

Riverside, California - Rode trials bikes and washed everything and put everything in place!

Hope you enjoy the video, we had so much fun on the road trip and made new friends. Life’s an adventure! Make it worth it!


Rockbaas - Fire (Jimi Hendrix Cover)

Luke Mummert - Harlem - New Politics (Drum Cover)

Just like Me - Live from New Politics


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