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Lantac emerges with interesting new rifle parts

Lantac had some beautiful new goodies for display at Shot Show!

I am super happy to have seen and gotten the run down by the professional crew and two of their shooters from Texas.

New Full Mass Full Automatic Bolt Carrier Group by Lantac

These new Full Mass Full Automatic Enhanced Bolt Carrier Groups are quite the converstation starters! For one, they have a very smooth NiB Coating, that allows the Bolt Carrier Group to cause less damage to the upper receiver area and makes the bolt operate faster and more efficiently. Just moving it in the upper, I felt like it must have had butter on it.

New Full Mass Full Automatic Bolt Carrier Group by Lantac

The Staked Gas Key has Grade 8 fastners, staked as a per mil spec in four places, is hard chromed lined, and is made out of 4140IC Steel and is NiB coated as well!

The bolt carrier is ported to send gases away from the shooter and towards the front of the rifle and the front of the ejection port. The angled ports and englarged gas ports allow it to run smoother and cleaner while reducing pressure felt by the receivers. More importantly what everyone tries to accomplish, keeping a flatter and softer energy impulse which allows the shooter to stay on target and keep a flat trajectory of shooting. Suppressed barrels only help it do better work! Ultimate grouping abilities, I want to run it in our full automatics at work and see how they hold up against ruthless new shooters and experienced brass dumping addicts. The coating also helps make it easier to clean… everyone can clap now.

The carrier portion of it, is precision 8620 steel. Whole carrier assembly is NiB, Electroless Nickel Boron coated with the patented, advanced UTC EXO process, unlike standard NiB coatings. This offers extreme lubricity with a friction coefficent of .04 and surface hardness of 68-72 Rockwell C. For you engineers who understand that talk.

Specifications from the horse’s mouth at Lantac:

  • Weight 11.7oz

  • Forward porting, enlarged vents

  • Balanced flared boss

  • 8620 carrier, heat treated, hard turned, chrome lined

  • MPI carpenter 158 bolt, shot peened, hard turned / ground

  • NiB UTC EXO coating

  • CP-R360 domed cam pin

  • All hard chrome surfaces are to MIL-STD-171

  • Shot peening is conducted with S110 shot, established by Almen Gage A-2 strip .006 -.008

  • Lifetime warranty

Unfortunately, the world is full of sorry people sometimes and one of the bolt carriers was actually lifted off the show room floor stolen. If you see anyone with the BCG that looks like they could never afford it, start the questioning. Let’s hope they believe in karma, just give it back. C’mon…

New Product Number two, definitely not worth skipping out on mentioning. I can’t help myself here.

New Muzzle Blast Mitigation Device by Lantac

The new Blast Mitigation Device, also known as the BMD, is such a plus for people who shoot with buddies or do CQB operations/training. This BMD easily attaches on top of the Lantac’s Dragon Muzzle Break and doesn’t interfere at all with the Dragon’s job of fighting the rise of the rifle when shooting. The BMD ports directly correspond with the break.

This BMD redirects the blast when you’re shooting. It sends it straight forward as to not damage your mate’s ears.

All these new Lantac products and so little time, Check out their social media links for their newest items! If they are not sold out already. They seem to go pretty fast.

– Jacqueline Carrizosa

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